the beginning of mission good vibes

Hello! Thanks for stopping by Mission Good Vibes. We are currently on a hiatus from mail buddies but check out the sign up page and put your name on the mailing list to be notified of future rotations. Thank you!
I don’t know about you, but I could use a little cheer every now and then. I believe that I am a generally happy person but lately, life has been getting me down more than normal. I mean, yeah, there are the every day trials and tribulations that everyone has. But the state of our country in general is a little depressing. Mass shootings, reality stars running for president, people tearing others down just for funsies. It’s too much. We need some light and positivity and sunshine and happiness and rainbows and…well. You get the point.

So while pondering on this in the early morning hours one day, I realized that happiness doesn’t always have to come from within. Sometimes, you need a little reminder that there are people out there thinking of you. And they thought about you so much that they sent you…mail.

Yes. Mail.

Who doesn’t love happy mail?! It’s enough to put a huge smile on your face at the end of a hard day. Checking the mail and seeing a card or care package in the mail always makes me just a little giddy.

Here’s what i’m thinking. What if a whole bunch of us made a collective goal to brighten the day of someone else. It wouldn’t have to be much. A funny card. Maybe some small thing you thought was cute. Or maybe it’s a fun Pinterest project you saw and wanted to try out. Seriously, it doesn’t take much to make someone smile!

If you are interested in smiling or sending a smile, fill out the Mail Buddy sign up form. On the 10th of every other month, you will get an email with a new mail buddy to send happy mail to.

Now, it’s up to you! The key is to put some love, happiness, and good vibes into the mail to brighten someone’s day. And who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend!

Peace and love!