About MGV

The idea for Mission Good Vibes came about as a small, random thought that quickly gained momentum and interest from friends and family and even strangers. What if you could help someone smile just by sending them some cheerful and positive mail? As a small (ok, ok, huge) stationery hoarder, sending mail is one of my favorite things. Turns out other people love it too!

My idea for MGV is twofold. The mail buddy system between like-minded people who have signed up here will continue and evolve. Additionally, I want to create a volunteer mail buddy system to send good vibes out to adults who are in long term care facilities.
 While the idea is still in it’s infancy, the passion I have for this is strong. Please stay tuned as this idea progresses and grows!

Thank you, sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart for participating in this mission. I cannot begin to describe how blissfully happy all of the participation and excitement around this little project has made me! And everyone who has received their happy mail!!

Much love! NicoleIMG_2532


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