how it works

So how does this all work? Check it out.

Q: How do I get a mail buddy?
A: Mail buddies will be paired up every other month, on the 10th. You will be assigned a wave based on the date you sign up. I’ll let you know which wave you are in with your first mail buddy assignment. You will have a different buddy, randomly assigned to you each time.

Q: What should I send my mail buddy?
A: Whatever you think will make them smile! You’re given some of their interests when you get your pairing. Keep it simple. The goal is good vibes, not stress. If you see a cute card, jot a note in it and drop it in the mail! I guarantee your mail buddy will love it.

Q: When should I send my mail?
A: Again, the key is good vibes not stress, but you should try to send your mail by the 10th of the following month.

Q: Where can I connect with other Good Vibers and see what’s happening in the Good Vibes world?
A: You can follow us on Instagram at @missiongoodvibes, on twitter @missiongoodvibe, and on Facebook

Q: What if I have a question and need to contact Mission Good Vibes?
A: You can always send us an email at I almost always have my phone in my hand so you can expect quick responses!

Q: What is being done to keep my information safe?
A: That’s a great question! Your address will be distributed to a different person every other month on a rotating bi-monthly basis, but I will take every safety precaution possible to protect you. See our disclaimer for privacy info on the Mail Buddy sign up page.

Thanks for participating!


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